Where Swiss precision meets Italian style

Interventions and Treatments:

Academia Day Clinic is the perfect place to dedicate yourself to your beauty needs, while being able to put your trust in expert hands with the certainty that nothing will be left to chance.

It is a symbol of harmony and synergy between man and nature, which is reflected in the perfect union between the ergonomics of the space, the tools and the people.

Academia Day Clinic is an outpatient clinic with cutting-edge technical support, where highly qualified specialists are well-equipped to provide innovational medical and surgical benefits.

Designed to meet the needs of patients and physicians, Academia Day Clinic caters to an international audience, offering an environment that is elegant and intimate, as well as the guarantee of renowned Swiss quality.

Academia Day Clinic is designed, constructed, and equipped in strict accordance with the technical and health standards applicable to larger and more complex structures, such as clinics and hospitals.