When the skin gives way

Interventions and Treatments:

The problem. Ceding skin affects all people over the age of 35, and is first noticed on the face because it is the area most exposed to the atmospheric agents (the sun especially, but also changes in temperature, wind, and pollution). It is more noticeable in people with thin, dry skin, but people with combination or oily skin also show signs of skin giving way, especially in certain areas such as around the eyes, lips, neck, face and décolleté.

The possible solutions. Taking care of the skin with appropriate moisturizers and nutrients from a young age is definitely very important to delay and mitigate sagging. Limiting exposure to the sun, and, when unavoidable, protecting your skin with sunscreen is extremely important.
However, it is not uncommon to proceed to deeper and more resolutive treatments. With plastic surgery as the last resort, the aesthetic medicine of today offers a range of effective, interesting treatments that we at Academia Day Clinic offer at the highest level.