Diet and nutrition for a proper alimentary equilibrium

Interventions and Treatments:

Taking care of oneself comes, first and foremost, from a more balanced relationship between food and the body, as opposed to an approach based on prescriptive diets full of rigid rules that give rise to anxiety and obsession. By focusing almost exclusively on a number, that is, the weight that you would like to achieve at all costs and as quickly as possible, you lose sight of what you should actually be aspiring to achieve : a healthy lifestyle, a good balance within yourself, and overall wellbeing.

In this sense, "going on a diet" does not have to be a temporary parenthesis aimed at a more or less realistic objective, but an opportunity to begin a process that, through practice, helps to better address various risk situations and to take true care of yourself. A proactive approach becomes a necessary condition to detect and deal with situations which create difficulties, such as social occasions or emotional hunger, learning how to re-synchronize with the real needs of our body thanks in part to the support of mindful eating.

On this basis, the Aesthetic Center at Academia Day Clinic organizes, in collaboration with biologist and nutritionist Dr. Francesca Noli, who is a specialist in Food Science and Hygiene, short customized courses designed to develop strategies to better manage your relationship with food, your body, and your weight. This program consists of a number of meetings, tailored to the needs of each individual, to reflect on personal eating habits together, set up a food program that will become your guide, and develop strategies to better address any situation. We are not in search of perfection, but a greater awareness.