Natureal® Body: excellent results on the abdomen and buttocks without surgery

The natural surgery of the body

Interventions and Treatments:

What is it?

Natureal ®, the integrated system of medicine and cosmetic surgery born from the decades of experience of Dr. Med. Eugenio Gandolfi and his collaboration with renowned physicians and researchers, offers a wide range of techniques that are united by two features: great effectiveness and a gentle approach.

In particular, Natureal ® Body may offer your body a unique opportunity: the transfer of excess fatty tissue from areas where it exceeds to those where it is deficient. Namely, we can simultaneously perform a liposculpture in areas where fat has accumulated (abdomen, arms, thighs), returning their smoothness and slimness, while giving volume, tone, and roundness to the lacking areas (especially the buttocks, but also in the calves).