Giving the body its ideal form

Interventions and Treatments:

We're no longer talking about liposuction

We're talking about liposculpture for the simple fact that "liposuction" is only one part of an intervention which is significantly more complex, and whose goal is not only to remove the excess fat, but naturally shape the body, uncovering its true form - the one that has remained hidden under the fat for too long.

We're talking about liposculpture because the surgeon must also have an artistic eye, and must be able to really shape and mold your figure, giving it all the harmony and elegance that it once had.

The specialists at Academia Day Clinic can do liposculpture better, with cutting-edge tools and techniques, such as vibro liposculpture or laser lipolysis, the expertise, the ability to listen to the patient, and the clinical and artistic eye that really make a difference.