Cosmetic surgery treatments

Interventions and Treatments:

If you are set on a quick outcome and if you prefer a decisive approach, then cosmetic surgery is the right choice for you. However, be careful: it is essential to choose the right place.
The team of cosmetic surgeons at Academia Day Clinic, under the guidance of Dr. Eugenio Gandolfi, guarantees a thorough and in-depth consultation in order to understand your needs and your expectations. You can count on highly experienced and reliable specialists, on the latest techniques and proven safety and efficiency, and on an environment that is welcoming and discreet for you and the loved ones who wish to accompany you.
We strive to offer you, in complete security, an experience of care and renewal that may really make a change in your life.
In these pages, you will find a lot of information about Academia Day Clinic, our approach to cosmetic surgery, and our surgeons.
For any ulterior questions or a request for information, please feel free to contact us.