From the adornment to the nourishment of the skin: cosmeceuticals

Interventions and Treatments:

The new frontier in beauty

In the latest frontier in topical treatments, cosmeceuticals are certainly a significant player. We are talking about cosmetic products rich in biologically active principles, which are synthesized chemically or extracted from plants, with requirements and properties typical of drugs intended to treat the most diverse problems related to the skin, from its sebum regulation to deep wrinkles. The Beauty Center at Academia Day Clinic, which is recognized for its professionalism and experience, has exclusive lines that marry this revolutionary therapeutic approach in the treatment of diseases or skin problems.

The most natural solution for concrete results

Compared to traditional and generic cosmetics, cosmeceutical products are characterized by their pharmacologically active properties intended for topical and systemic actions on our skin, through a correct balance of hydrophilic and lipophilic characteristics with limited molecular weight. The sector is aimed at providing dermatologists with products formulated according to the needs of the client and without the use of drugs; the cosmeceutical is mainly characterized by the choice of excipient, usually without dyes and perfumes, few preservatives and, in particular, by the dosage of the active ingredients.
The fact that they contain such substances ensures that cosmeceuticals are effective at protecting, whitening, and tanning, as well as providing anti-wrinkle and anti-aging functions, and healing roles in general. The customer is therefore advised and guided in daily use of the product, which is adapted to the uniqueness of the skin through targeted programs that take into account the physiological changes of the epidermis in the course of the seasons, the weather and climate, and the client’s moods.

A line designed specifically for your needs

For this reason, the Beauty Center laboratories at Academia Day Clinc carry an exclusive line of cosmeceuticals designed for the unique needs of the client, offering a concrete answer to your needs with products that can be used at all times of the day, ensuring the face and body safe and appreciable results in terms of the skin’s health, radiance and firmness.