Belly with stretch marks

Interventions and Treatments:

The abdomen and hips are certainly among the most critical points for women and men. A sedentary lifestyle combined with a diet a bit too high in fat can ruin their shape and make them lose their harmony. After which, even a diet and weight loss may not be sufficient to dispose of the fat that, meanwhile, has settled on these critical areas, becoming resistant, seemingly permanent, and may have created unsightly stretch marks.
Stretch marks occur due to the breakage of the elastic fibers of the skin. At the beginning, they may have a reddish appearance, but with time they become white and shiny. The most affected areas are the abdomen, breasts, buttocks, thighs, and hips. Generally, stretch marks present themselves during adolescence, pregnancy, and after a sudden gain or loss of weight.

If you have stretch marks on the abdomen, the non-ablative fractional lasers, offered by the specialists at the Academia Day Clinic, are a possible solution. These are approved by the FDA, the US Food and Drug Administration.