An additional guarantee

Our insurance

Interventions and Treatments:

As patients of Academia Day Clinic, you can benefit from a series of guarantees and insurances.

Our specialists all have great international experience in their fields of expertise. Some of them are also professors at universities, academies, and masters courses.
Our nurses will assist you with the passion and skill that they have achieved through a long experience in the field of aesthetic medicine and an equally long collaboration with the medical team.
Our facilities, operating rooms, machinery, and tools are all up to date and, periodically, thoroughly reserviced.

But there's more!

Warranty for the entire life of the patient in case of prosthesis breakage or severe capsular contracture

We only use breast implants with a lifetime guarantee from the best international producers in accordance with the most stringent safety standards.
This means that the materials that we use have not only been thoroughly tested over and over again, but at the same time offer a warranty effective in protecting you in the unlikely event that a malfunction or other problem arises.
In the unlikely event of the spontaneous rupture of one or both prosthesis or a severe capsular contracture, the manufacturer will replace them free of charge.

Insurance valid in the entire world for up to three years in case of complications after cosmetic surgery

Our Plastic Surgery and aesthetic specialists are members of ISAPS (International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery). Thanks to their membership, you can have an extra guarantee. 

ISAPS InsuranceTo find out more on insurance that will protect you in case of unlikely complications for up to three years after surgery, visit the site:
ISAPS Insurance